Thursday, June 26, 2008

File this in the "What are they up to?" folder.

The beginning of the week started off innocently enough... not much to report. Thanks to the fine kids in Teenanger (one of our favourite bands), this Saturday promises to make a shitty work week all worth while....
And here you go, a last minute invitation to open for Teenanger's highly anticipated cassette release party at Rancho Relaxo this Saturday.
The flyer is pure genius.

Also, we've decided to lay low 'till August (after Saturday). We need some time to write new material and work on our plan to take over the world.

Coming soon: More Machetes footage courtesy of Robin Lang (from our gig at the Bovine during NXNE), E.P Release Party details, and Industry Showcase details.

Kick a crack head please.
The world's going to shit.
And I'm out (of it).


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