Tuesday, November 13, 2007

These fine lines

Practice tonight.

Still really working on songs, but the last few weeks has been quite exciting for everyone, seems like the material's just exploding out of our little overly coiffed heads. Actually, we've stopped playing the old covers because we've got so much original material to concentrate on (that, and the sound's changed, but we'll look for new covers eventually).

We scrapped the current band name, The Royal Impostors (for now). We initially agreed that we wanted a name that everyone in the band adores and that's what we'll stick to. Since we have a new(ish) member, we may as well keep looking. I realize COMPLETE democracy will be difficult in a band, but we may as well stick true to it as long as it is a possibility.....

Lexy's bringing a video camera from school tonight, soooo.... there may be a bit of jamming footage up in the next few days... we'll see.

Current rooster of songs:
1. First love
2. Ace
3. Black Leather
4. Fifi
5. Popit
6. Schizo
7. Fine lines (jen's new one)
8. Lexy's solo slow date with fifi
9. Norelle's new bass riff

P.S I was looking over my last post. I just wanted to make it clear that the crap was never in the same room or same part of the basement apartment that we practiced in, also we didn't use the place at first until after it was THOROUGHLY steam cleaned. That is all...

All and all, and there you go,


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