Thursday, October 18, 2007

You only want to have me in black leather

Being in a band is the best thing (and the best feeling) in the world! We haven't even played live shows yet, but it's still the most satisfying thing that I have ever done. And you know what? I've tried many different ventures throughout my life and nothing compares to this. It's like being in love. It's like being in a relationship. The four of us share this little life- the band is an entity in and of itself- and right now I'd say we're in the "childhood" stage of its life. The members are there and we are still learning- learning to play as a band and learning from each other. (The picture is from the beginning months, I guess around April?)

Right now I'm waiting to hear from our jamspace if we can practice tonight (I hear there may be a leak in the pipe a in the space).

Speaking OF. We just had to stop practicing at our old jamspace because it flooded with shit. I mean real turds of shit. It's kinda the reason why we got to play there for free in the first place. Now we have to pay, but at least we're not sharing the space with human feces ( I realize how gross that sounds).

*If you can't tell the theme of my blog is the band*

Let's start with a brief synopsis, a summary from the beginning to present.

1. Stacy surprises me with a 1969 reissue (pink) Fender Stratocaster for Christmas (I had it on layaway)
2. I start writing some of my own riffs and practicing hours a day.
3. Finally when I think I've got some good ideas to go with, I put a post on myspace about looking for band members.
4. Alex contacts me about drumming (I met her through her boyfriend at the time about a year or so before hand), we get together and jam, she brings Fifi (her Farfisa keyboard).
5. Some crazy punk chick starts working at Grateful head and impresses the socks off everyone with her bass playing (she was actually in an interview to be a hair stylist). Enter Norelle.
6. We use Norelle's abandoned basement apartment as our free jamspace. It flooded with shit and had to be condemmed- it was cleaned out- super-steam cleaned- and, sort-of, fixed.
7. We start jamming on covers (more notably, Cherry Bomb), writing material, etc for about 6 months before starting to audition singers.
8. I contact Jenny Simpson (a cool-ass hot model chick I met about a year and a half a go) and ask her to audition.
9. After a couple of bad storms the old piping at Norelles place finally gives out for the last time. IT'S A FUCKING SHIT STORM!
10. We buy a PA at Long and McQuade and started practicing on a regular basis at the 'Head.

We currently have 6 original songs:
1. First Love (Ladylady)
2. Ace (wicked forcast)
3. Undone (black leather)
4. Fifi
5. "pop it" (aka "the new one")
6. Lexy's soloslow song
7. T.v eye (cover)
8. Cherry Bomb (cover)
9. Blank Generation (cover)

We're not going to play until the spring (probably), so stop asking.

Still waiting to hear about practice...

For shits and giggles, I'm out.


pigasus said...

Hi guys,

I saw you last night at the PCH with The Shanks. Great set!

I have a question about your lead guitarist's guitar (Alana?). Is it a Gibson Melody Maker?

The reason for my question is that I bought what I think is an identical guitar back in 1995.

I wonder if it could be the same guitar?

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